pump some oil baby
Lagos pipeline blast kills dozens
Push for ethanol blamed for driving up food prices
Oil-rich nations tapping more of their own resources
Sinopec to develop oil field in Iran
Fuel levels critical in besieged Gaza
Pipeline blaze raises oil price
Oil Price Rise Causes Global Shift in Wealth
Forests felled for biofuel boom
Nigerian gangs turn their guns on their own
Rising global demand for oil provoking new energy crisis
Oil firm clash kills 12 in Yemen
Chinese oil firms try to guarantee diesel supplies after shortages
High prices, but tapped-out oil fields in Texas
IEA says oil prices will stay 'very high,' threatening global growth
China raises fuel prices by 10%
Fuel shortages spread into central China
Mud, sweat and tears
Oil price 'grounds' N Korea fleet
Biofuels 'crime against humanity'
Canadian oil worker kidnapped in Sudan: reports
Oil governor removed in Nigeria
BP fined $373m by US government
Oil prices are too high, China tells OPEC
Briton among hostages in Nigerian oilfield
Steep decline in oil production brings risk of war and unrest, says new study
Fear of global slowdown as oil price soars
Energy-rich Caspian becomes center of U.S.-Russia power struggle
Oil finally flows at Atlantis
UK firms pay dearly for surging oil prices
Energy giant rages against plan to hike Alberta royalties
Iraqi Kurds sign four oil deals
Rising oil prices linked to civil unrest
Price controls lead to fuel shortages in China
Ethanol boom fades as oversupply depresses prices
Oil man dies in Niger Delta raid
Inspector assails U.S. Interior Department's oil program
A new Kazakh law is a threat to contracts with foreign oil companies
Nigerian militants call off truce
Nigeria probes Delta gang links
Natural gas slump idles rigs, workers
Iraq war about oil: Greenspan
Nigerian army hits oil city gangs
Compromise on oil law in Iraq seems to be collapsing
Exxon seeks deal on Venezuela oil
Guerrillas blamed as blasts hit Mexican oil pipelines
Kazakhstan puts pressure on Western oil companies
Mideast oil benchmark fails to make a mark
Iraq Far From U.S. Goals for Energy
Kazakhs halt Shell oil project
UK oil firms cheating investors, says Russia
Kazakhstan halts work at oil field
Nigeria oil city in slum clean-up
Gazprom plans to re-route controversial European pipeline
Lukoil blamed for drop in Russian oil supplies to Germany
Research boom in Arctic village as oil reserves draw big powers
Norway Debates the Promise, Costs of New Drilling
Costs eat into Oil Search bottom line
EU resumes fuel payments for Gaza electric company,
Water experts worry biofuel will crowd out food crops
Companies now bidding for oilsands rights in Sask.
Denmark dismisses attempts by Russia and Canada to claim Arctic
Tired of energy ills, Syrians doubt the West is to blame
Gunmen seize Nigerian MP's mother
BP firm hit by deforestation damage claim
Gangs clash in Nigerian oil city
Danes set for North Pole mission
Canada PM asserts Arctic claims
Russian state oil company wins another Yukos auction
The struggle for Iraq's oil flares up as Kurds open doors to foreign investors
Nigerian gunmen attack oil boats
Gazprom to reduce gas supplies to Belarus unless bill is paid
Russia plants flag under N Pole
Marathon to buy Western Oil Sands for $6.5B
Nigerian gunmen seize Pakistani
Russia leads race for North Pole oil
Oil, gas development could harm First Nations' quality of living: Sierra Club
120 recommendations in oilsands report
Chance of oil law reaching Iraqi Parliament soon called dim
Political clashes shake Venezuela's strained oil industry
$100-a-barrel oil may be only a few months away
Gas prices rise on U.S. refineries' record failures
Tight supply to keep oil prices high
Oil 'could hit $95 a barrel this year'
Iraq oil city blasts kill dozens
Chinese explore war-torn Somalia
Oil price jumps to new high
Palm oil wrangle hits biofuel company
Gunmen free Nigerian chief's son
Mexico beefs up security around oil pipelines
Militants in first Nigeria talks
Mexico plants still shut; army patrols pipelines after blasts
Gazprom chooses Total as partner for major Barents Sea gas field
Gunmen seize Nigerian chief's son
BP freezes severance payments to former chief executive and refining chief
IEA warns of 'supply crunch' in oil despite high prices
Nigerian Shell employees held following weekend attack
Gazprom in gas project climbdown
Niger Delta rebels condemn kidnapping of child
More pain on the way for motorists as price of oil surges once again
Nigerian gunmen 'demand ransom'