pump some oil baby
Kidnappers in Nigeria seize 3-year-old British girl
North Slope pipeline won't threaten Mackenzie line, backer says
Nigeria fears push oil over $76
Surging biofuel demand will keep farm prices high, study says
India's state-owned Oil & Natural Gas gets a new chairman
Alaska seeks bids for North Slope gas pipeline
Nelson: oil a factor for Iraq war
Venezuela sells petrol to Iran to reinforce front against US
Iraqi cabinet approves bill on sharing oil wealth
Iraqis make progress on crucial oil law
Oil workers kidnapped in Nigeria
Nigeria militants 'to end truce'
Banks warned not to fund Sakhalin-2 project
Kurds advance plan to increase oil and gas production
Scent of oil may have brought corruption to a tiny African country
Venezuela deepens ties with Iran
BP in oilseed tree project
Chávez courts Russian investment in Venezuela
Record oil profit masks Malaysian dependence
For some oil companies, Venezuela is hardly the worst option
Anger rising in Iran over gasoline rationing
Fort Hills oilsands project cost pegged at $14.1B
Charity attacks rush for biofuels
EU pipeline project loses momentum
Venezuela oil loss put at $4.5bn
Protests at Iran fuel rationing
BP seeks to emerge from rough times in Alaska
US firms 'reject' Venezuela deal
Britons hurt in Yemeni shooting
Nigeria's unions end fuel strike
Iraqi officials say draft oil law will soon be returned to Cabinet for approval
Nigerian government drives gunmen from oil installation, killing 12
'Aggressive' moves planned to open 2nd N.L. refinery
China takes big stake in Alberta oilsands
BP sells Siberia stake to Gazprom
Iraqi politicians agree deal on sharing oil, says Kurd minister
Nigeria powers down as strike against gas price increase starts
Strike bites in Nigerian cities
2 oil-transfer facilities occupied in Nigeria
Military looks at synthetic fuel for bombers and fighters
U.S. Democrats press plan to cut oil subsidies
Nigeria unions join fuel strike
Militants hold Nigeria oil base
Gunmen in Nigeria kidnap 5 more foreigners
Nigerian court frees oil militant
Fuel pushes up US producer prices
Hostages released in Niger Delta
China considers canceling coal-to-oil projects
Iran discusses storing oil reserves in China
BA raises long-haul fuel surcharge again
Britons advised to leave Niger Delta after wave of kidnappings
Oil markets watch Cyclone Gonu
Call to free Nigeria oil militant
Gunmen kidnap 8 foreigners and kill 2 police in southern Nigeria
Nigeria militants offer ceasefire
Oil may allow Sudan to escape pain of U.S. sanctions
Start on Alaskan pipeline work could take a decade: gas executive
New gas exploration likely off Labrador
Our blind faith in oil growth could bring the economy crashing down
BP to announce a return to Libya
Nigeria strike over 'flawed' poll
Malaysian oil plan gets partners
Petrol to hit £1 a litre within weeks as oil supply strains show
Gunmen in Nigeria kidnap 6 oil workers, security forces say
BP shuts down a quarter of its Alaskan oil production
East Africa attracts hunters for oil and gas
High oil price draws explorers to deep Southeast Asian waters
Gasoline prices surge with strains on refining capacity
Gasoline prices at 20-month high
Nigeria attack sends oil over $70
Cost-cutting blamed for Prudhoe Bay oil disaster
China begins building out its supertanker fleet
Attack on Nigerian leader's house
Renewed violence in Nigeria strains oil production
Crude Oil Rises as U.S., European Refineries Report Incidents
Iraq misplaces billions in oil, U.S. study finds
Moscow strengthens control over Central Asia's energy export routes
Peruvians sue oil giant over Amazon pollution
Gunmen seize 4 U.S. workers in Nigeria
U.S. trade deficit rises more than expected due to surge in oil imports
Nepal hit hard by India oil cuts
Nigerian Militants Destroy 3 Pipelines In Oil-Rich Delta
Gunmen seize workers in Nigeria
'Pipelines hit' in Nigeria delta
Will oil wealth keep Cambodia afloat, or drown it?
For new chief, BP's problems range from rusted pipes to a tarnished image
Another oilsands project strains its budget
Draft Oil Measure Sent to Parliament
Foreign workers seized in Nigeria
Venezuela completes oil field takeovers
Why oil will hit $100 a barrel
Venezuela to take over refineries
Norway makes $2.2B investment in Canada's oilsands
Saudis foil 'air attack plotters'
Blow to Bush as top US commander warns of worse to come in Iraq
Nexen, Suncor see oilsands cost pressures
Nigerian opposition calls for peaceful protests
Venezuela takes over foreign-owned oil projects
ConocoPhillips holding out as Venezuela asserts control
Watch out: Here comes $4 gasoline